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Introducing WordToonz FlashCards App - a rib tickling and memorable cartoon mnemonics based on pop-culture uniquely designed for indian students to learn and recall the toughest GRE words!

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Improve your vocabulary by playing the fun CrackVerbal GRE wordtoonz game!

Fun Fact: A psychological study carried out with students at the University of California found that spacing using flashcards is a more effective study technique than cramming before an exam. 90% of participants have performed better using this method.

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CrackVerbal comprises of a team each of whom are extremely successful in their fields and are in this venture purely out of a love for teaching. Over the years we have devised innovative methods and techniques, to make a typical Indian master the GRE/GMAT and get admitted to the best institutes the world over. We have an extensive online course and multiple coaching centres across Bengaluru.

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